Тендеры ИТЭР

В данном разделе представлены закрытые тендеры Международной Организации ИТЭР. 

С открытыми тендерами МО ИТЭР вы можете ознакомиться по ссылке:https://www.iter.org/proc/ot

The ITER Organization (IO) launches a Market Survey and requests information from companies having the interest, knowledge and capacity related to: Repair of the Vacuum Vessel Sector Field Joint Bevels at ITER Site.

The main purpose of this Market Survey is to evaluate the market situation and to identify candidate suppliers having the potential capabilities to respond to the IO solicitation.

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The ITER Organization is pleased to invite the Domestic Agencies to nominate companies, institutions or other entities that would be capable of providing support for the scope described in the attached Technical Summary that also provides a tentative schedule for this tender.

The potential Candidates should have a recognized level of expertise, skills and demonstrated experience in the field mentioned above, as well the financial capability and available production capacity.

Interested candidates should click on this link https://s1-eu.ariba.com/Sourcing/Main/ad/selfRegistration/?realm=iter and register to I-PROC!

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The ITER diagnostic systems include a Lost Alpha Monitor using a reciprocating Fast Ion Loss Detector located in ITER Diagnostic Equatorial Port #8 (EP8) to measure the energy and flux of fast ions during the tokamak pulse.

According to the project schedule, the development work of this Lost Alpha Monitor shall start from 2023.

The scope of work covers conceptual design, preliminary design, final design and preparation of the manufacturing technical specifications and the associated drawings, prototyping and tests.

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The ITER Organization intends to launch a Call for Expertise process in the coming weeks as indicated above and in accordance with the details in the attached Prior Indicative Notice (PIN).

The advance notification is to alert companies, institutions or other eligible entities to the forth-coming tender, and provide information to promote healthy competition, allowing interested parties time to decide whether to participate in the tender or not.  

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