IT Hardware and Related Services 

Contract Description

The scope of work consists in supplying the hardware, services and maintenance as requested in the relevant task orders upon acceptance of the corresponding commercial proposal. The overall objectives of the Contract resulting from the present procurement procedure are as follows:
Obtaining an efficient way to acquire IT solutions that cover a wide range of products, such as:
New Hardware and Software subsequently as-a-service
Consultancy services (including installation and configuration of products and trainings);
Maintenance services for the new acquired products and take-over of the existing maintenances;
Supply of add-ons and upgrades to equipment already in use prior to the entry into force of the Framework Contract.
Cloud and onsite services
Simple contract administration and management (quotation, ordering, order tracking, delivery, reporting, etc.), for new acquisitions and related services;

The contractor is responsible for the supply of products and their delivery to the IO (ITER Organization) Site, and for ensuring that the product meets the acceptance criteria defined in the Technical Specification.