Final design, qualification, and supply of the Port Plugs Mechanical Instrumentation (PPMI) optic fibre feedthroughs

Dates information
Issue Date :
29 / 03 / 2024
Open Tender Deadline Date :
30 / 04 / 2024
Contract Description
The present tender process aims to set up a Supply Contract for the Final design, qualification, and supply of the PPMI optic fibre feedthroughs. The contractor is responsible for the Supply of the IN-55.PPMI Optical Fibre Feedthroughs (OFF) comply with the project, quality, and nuclear safety requirements. The OFF is located in Upper and Equatorial Ports, forming a primary vacuum boundary. There are 3 OFF in Upper Ports: UP#2, #8, #14. There are 2 OFF in Equatorial Port: EP #8, #17. Each OFF is designed for the transmission of 21 optical fibres (3 bundles of 7 fibres each); from those, only 16 fibres are required, leaving 5 spare fibres.