"Keeping up the pace!" – greeting from Anatoly Krasilnikov

Dear ITER colleagues!

am happy to take a chance to greet you all from Moscow on behalf of the leading by Rosatom whole Russian ITER consortium – ITER RF DA and all our suppliers. Fully supported by the RF President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government, the ITER Project has always been treated in Russia as a higher-priority endeavor – in scientific, technological and human dimensions. Together with all the ITER Members, we do our best to make this dream come true by keeping on manufacture and delivery of the future machine components in contempt of any challenges we are facing now. I have no doubt that we’ll keep the pace, together as one, which makes us the Unique ITER Team.

With my kindest regards,

Anatoly Krasilnikov

Bimetal pedestals for ITER fabricated in Moscow
In NIKIET, Moscow, fabrication of the first batch of bimetal pedestals of the ITER Blanket modules electric connectors is continued in accordance with schedule. Pedestals of the Blanket modules electrical Straps belong to the ITER in-vessel components of the Blanket system. Located on the inner wall of the machine’s vacuum vessel, bimetal pedestals are being manufactured by the Dollezhal Institute (NIKIET) in cooperation with the Kompozit, JSC.
Pedestals (more than 1000 pieces) are to be installed inside the machine’s vacuum vessel before the First Plasma in 2025. For the moment, 52% of ES pedestals for the 1st delivery batch have been manufactured and controlled.
m2 FAT of the 4th Gyrotron passed
Fourth Russian Gyrotron set has successfully passed Factory Acceptance Test at the premises of GYCOM Ltd. in Nizhny Novgorod. As with the three Gyrotrons previously manufactured by the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP RAS) and GYCOM, the tests showed that the device fully complies with the specifications of the ITER Organization, which means the official recognition that the Gyrotron can be delivered to the construction site of the future machine. It was the first time that FAT of a Gyrotron was carried out remotely, attended by videoconference by ITER Russia and IO representatives and witnessed by IAP RAS specialists. Delivery of the first pair of the Russian Gyrotrons along with the control desk to the IO is scheduled for mid-2021.
First in 2020 Beryllium billet for FW panels manufactured
FSUE “PO “Mayak” - “Bazalt” Branch has produced a billet of TGP-56FW Beryllium for manufacturing thermal armor tiles for the First Wall panels. This is the first out of eight billets to be fabricated in 2020. The tests carried out showed the billet’s full compliance with ITER specifications. The billet will further on be cut into smaller tiles that are to cover plasma-facing surface of the First Wall panels.