Russia continues sending components to the International ITER Organization

Two more kits of components for the international thermonuclear experimental reactor produced by Russian industries have been shipped to Europe. The scope of delivery includes the components of the reactor’s power supply system and the superconductors for ITER magnetic system.

The first set of delivery includes the CC busbars as well as flexible links for CC and PF/CS busbar interconnections for the superconducting magnet coil power supply systems. This components are manufactured in the Efremov Institute (NIIEFA) in St. Petersburg. The elements sent to the ITER construction site are designed for use in systems of DC busbars that connect the superconducting coils of the tokamak electromagnetic system with their power supplies. Manufacture and supply of switching equipment, busbars and energy absorbing resistors for power supply and protection of the superconducting magnetic system of the ITER reactor is the most expensive and one of the most complicated of the 25 systems falling within the scope of Russias responsibility. In accordance with the PA, in the next few years NIIEFA should manufacture and deliver to the ITER Organization about 5.4 km of busbars with a total weight exceeding 500 tons.

Also, another four lengths of poloidal field superconductor – two 720 meters and two 414 meters have been sent from the territory of the Institute of cable industry (Podolsk) to the Italian company CRYOTEC. The conductors are intended for subsequent winding into poloidal field coils of the ITER magnetic system.