The Efremov Institute proceeds with fabrication of the double pancake of the PF 1 magnet

At the moment the Efremov Institute specialists, within the scope of Russian responsibility, carry on with manufacturing and testing of the PF 1 coil double pancake at the premises of the Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard, St. Petersburg. PF 1 coil, along with five other coils, will create poloidal magnetic field for plasma confinement. It will consist of eight double pancakes. 

Double pancake fabrication includes winding of superconducting current-carrying part, welding of helium inlets and contact joints, vacuum impregnation, and a series of tests on various parameters. By the end of May, the first layer of superconducting current-carrying part has been winded, the helium inlet, that will be used for liquid helium supply for the system cooling in operation, has been welded in. Now, the Efremov Institute specialists wind the second layer of current-carrying part.

The end of works on the double pancake manufacturing and final testing is planned for autumn, 2015. Procurement Arrangement on PF 1 Coil manufacturing was signed between ITER Russia and the ITER Organization in 2011.