The third batch of the electrotechnical equipment from Russia is on the way to France

September 7, six trucks with elements of direct current aluminum busbars for ITER superconducting magnet power supply moved to the sea port of Saint Petersburg for further transportation to the ITER construction site.
For the moment, this is the third – and the biggest delivery of electrotechnical equipment for the ITER machine. First two batches of the DC busbars were shipped from Saint Petersburg in 2015 and 2016.
The shipped equipment with the total weight of nearly 85 tons included aluminum busbars for poloidal field coils, correction coils and central solenoid, as well as busbars thermal expansion compensator and other components of the DC busbars that connect the superconducting coils of the tokamak magnet system with their power supplies.
Dr. Anatoly Krasilnikov, Director of the Russian ITER Domestic Agency, shared the opinion that “the in-time delivery of such a big pack of Russian equipment demonstrates the our industries, involved into the ITER Project implementation, fulfil their obligations in full compliance with the schedule”. We have once again shown that we are a reliable partner in the World’s hugest scientific and technical endeavor, - stressed the Head of ITER-Russia.
Manufacture and supply of switching equipment, busbars and energy absorbing resistors for power supply and protection of the superconducting magnet system of the ITER reactor is the most expensive and one of the most complicated of the 25 systems falling within the scope of Russias responsibility. The main supplier of this equipment is the Efremov Institute (NIIEFA), St. Petersburg.

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Dear colleagues,
this is to inform you that the following open positions will be available at the ITER Organization
Project Center ITER, Moscow, February 19 2015 Dr. Bernard Bigot, Chairman of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (up to January 09 2015), High representative of France to the International ITER Project made a two-day business visit to the Russian capital. Visit of Dr. Bigot was primarily related to his nomination to the position of the new Director General of the ITER Organization, which he will officially assume an office on March 05 2015.
Dear colleagues,
this is to inform you that the following open positions will be available at the ITER Organization
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